5 Sustainable Laundry Tips

5 Sustainable Laundry Tips

1. Put your clothes in a laundry bag while washing. It protects your garment from the throws of the spin cycle, which makes it last longer.

2. Wash clothing as infrequently as possible. If it’s not dirty, let it air out instead. Less washing is not only better for the environment, it also means more leisure time. Win-win.

3. Wash at a low temperature. Choosing cold is good for your energy bills, your clothes, and the planet.

4. Avoid tumble drying. Instead air-dry your clothing as much as possible. It saves energy, helps the clothes to keep their shape better and makes them longer lasting.

5. Use less detergent. We know - it's hard, because it smells sooo good! However, too much detergent reduces the washers efficiency and dumps more pollutants into local ecosystems. 


Cool fact: By washing your clothes in 30C and dried onto the line, instead of 40C and tumble dried, you can decrease you carbon footprint by 75% (from 2,4 kg CO2 to 0,6 kg CO2).